Close to Naha Airport, International Street, and Naminoue Beach

Enjoy one of the world’s finest resorts The Monthly’s excellent location and easy access will make your Okinawa stay a pleasant time.

  • “Naminoue Beach” is the only beach in Naha (4 minutes by walk)
    It’s the only beach in Naha you can enjoy sea bathing. The beach is close to International Street and is equipped with restaurants, toilet, locker, changing rooms, and shower; it is easy to go swimming and then directly to the city to play.
  • Seaside BBQ Park RESORT MAGIC (8 minutes by car)
    Booking BBQ Make reservation here RESORT MAGIC – a barbecue spot born in Naha, Okinawa – Enjoy BBQ surrounded by Okinawan blue sea water and white sandy beach “Resort Magic, located 15 minutes from Naha Airport, can be utilized for various occasions by families, couples, friends, and large groups.
  • GOOD FARMS KITCHEN (3 minutes by walk)
    “Kuninda Terrace” a sightseeing spot close to Fukushu-en Garden in Kume, Naha A tourist facility with history and cultural exhibitions and a multi-purpose room “GOOD FARMS KITCHEN” is a lush garden located inside KunindaTerrace where chargrilled garden vegetables and brand meats are offered.
  • International Street (8 minutes by car)
    When it comes to Okinawa, this is it! “International Street” is the centrally located main street in Naha and is the most vibrant street in the city with 600 stores including souvenir shops and unique stores that sell original goods that are only available in this location as well as eateries with delicious food.
  • Fukushu-en Garden (3 minutes by walk)
    Fukushu-en Garden was made with the images of Chinese majestic nature and Fuzhou’s scenic spots in mind and is full of exotic atmosphere. Kume, Naha where Fukushu-en Garden is located is the area people who immigrated from Fujian Province started to live from 600 years ago and has a deep connection with China. You can freely take photographs and videos here, so it is highly recommended if you are seeking a unique experience in Okinawa.
  • Japanese food taste shop Saburo(1 minutes by walk)
    It is recommended for tourists as we can enjoy Okinawa cuisine and awamori etc
  • Maxvalu Wakasa
    The supermarket is open 24 hours! Because we sell foods and goods which are only sold to Okinawa, please use by all means.
  • Naha Umisora ​​tunnel
    It is the first underwater tunnel in Okinawa to connect Naha Airport and Wakasa. It will be a spectacular scenic drive spot.

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