Confirmation of Accommodation Terms and Conditions

Confirmation of Accommodation Terms and Conditions
Breo Monthly Accommodation Terms and Conditions
Before you reserve a room, please confirm the following accommodation terms and conditions.

1. The maximum number of guests is determined according to each room. In case you wish to exceed the maximum number of guests allowed, please consult us in advance. No changes are allowed to the number of occupants during your stay.

2. The accommodation cost is pre-paid. Please make payment by the designated due date. After payment confirmation, the contract is established and in case of no money transfer by the due date, the reservation will be canceled. 
If you wish to extend your stay, please contact us and make payment 7 days prior to the renewal date. In case we cannot confirm your payment, we cannot accept the extension of your stay. Depending on availability, the extension may not be permitted.

3. In case of cancelation after the reservation is established【31 days or more prior to the planned
check-in date】
All payment will be returned (accommodation fee・parking fee・property management fee)【Within 30 days of planned check-in date】All payment will be considered a cancellation fee and forfeited. However, in case of cancellation due to natural disaster such as typhoon, all payment will be refunded.
Refund will be handled via bank transfer. The bank transfer fee will be the guest’s responsibility.

In case of shortening the accommodation period or a date change after reservation is established
【 31 days or more prior to the planned check-in date】
All payment will be returned. (accommodation fee・parking fee・property management fee. 
【Within 30 days of planned check-in date 】
No payment will be refunded. However, in case of cancellation due to natural disaster such as typhoon, all payment will be refunded. A new application must be made with new accommodation period and dates. ☐ The bank transfer fee will be responsible of the guest. Depending on availability, your desired dates may not be available.
In case you vacate the room during the accommodation period, the contract ends at that moment and there will be no refund for the accommodation cost and parking fee.

4. Check-in is 2pm. It may be later depending on conditions. Check-out is no later than 11am.

5. Even if you have time left in your accommodation period, we will request that you vacate the room when our company decides that our trust relationship is harmed due to the following cases. 
 In these cases, no payment for the accommodation fee・parking fee・property management fee will be returned. 
*Troubles between guests or with our company
*Non-payment for the accommodation fee (it is considered to be non-payment when money transfer cannot be confirmed 7 days prior to the date that incurs the accommodation fee.) 
*All rooms・all buildings are non-smoking. 
*No pets are allowed (temporary stay of the pets by guests or visitors in the building or room is also prohibited )*BBQ on balcony, fireworks, etc. are prohibited.
 *In case of false information on the reservation form (such as only one person is reported but used by 2 people )*In case of room usage other than the purpose of accommodation (parties, meetings, etc. are prohibited)
*The applicant and accommodation guest are different (In this case, please request permission from our company in advance.).
If any of the cases described above are confirmed through the building security cameras, we will prohibit your entry to your room. However, your belongings will be returned in the presence of a company staff member.

6. Accidents and injuries incurred by guests on the property are the responsibility of the guests and our company is free from any and all legal responsibility.

7. Please be aware that in case of damage or loss either on purpose or by accident to room facilities, equipment, and/or everyday amenities (including inerasable stains), reimbursement may be requested. In case of damage or loss of the room key, 10,000yen will be charged as a replacement fee. In case of loss of key during our company’s non-business hours, it will be handled on the next business day. If you wish the issue to be handled during non-business hours, a fee of 10,000yen will be charged. Please note that. When the need for room facility or equipment repair arises, we will try to handle this as soon as possible, but please understand in case we cannot handle it on the same day due to holiday or nighttime.

8. After check-out, any guest belongings left in the room or building will be kept for a maximum of two weeks and then disposed. Food will be disposed on the same day.

9. We will firmly decline offering accommodation to organized crime group members, its related personnel, and people whose name are not listed on the agreement.

10. This accommodation agreement does not apply to Leased Land and House Lease Law.

11.In case of fire, please promptly evacuate using the stairs. In case of emergency, we may enter your room without permission.

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※The price below includes utilities such as electricity and water.

Upon making inquiries, please be sure to refer to accommodation terms and conditions. 【Click here for acccomodation terms and conditions】

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